When you think of gas flames you might think that a red or yellow flame is the sign of a good flame, but did you know that a red or yellow flame may be the sign of a serious safety hazard?

Keeping your home’s gas appliances in correct working order is essential to ensuring efficient energy operations as well as ensuring your family are safe from dangerous air pollutants including carbon monoxide.

The flame colour indicates whether your gas appliance is burning efficiently or if it needs servicing.

Blue gas flames are good

Natural gas consists primarily of methane, which is a substance that gives off a blue colour when burning.

A blue flame indicates that the gas is being burnt efficiently without any unburnt or wasted gas, which ensures that you are getting the maximum heat output from your gas while your appliance is using less gas to generate heat. The risk of creating carbon monoxide is also minimised or eliminated too.

What is an incorrect flame colour?

If your gas appliance is burning a yellow, orange or red flame, this indicates incomplete combustion because other gases are burning alongside the methane which could be tar, dust, rust or oil; all of which are potentially hazardous chemicals and could generate carbon monoxide.

A yellow, orange or red flame are a key warning sign that your gas appliance requires servicing. The exception to this rule is gas fireplaces and gas log fires as they are designed to have yellow flames.

What to do if your gas appliance has a yellow or red flame

If your gas appliance is burning a yellow or red flame, it is important that you immediately stop using this appliance and call a qualified gas engineer to service the appliance.

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