With winter just around the corner, the cold mornings and evenings are creeping in – but is your home ready to face the chill of winter?

The colder months can be particularly troublesome for homeowners who have not taken the necessary steps to prepare their house for the cold. Here are some simple steps that will help to significantly reduce the chance of encountering problems such as burst pipes and problems with their heating systems.

1. In freezing conditions it is crucial to keep your water moving so that pipes don’t freeze up – running your taps every now and then will help to prevent freezing

2. Keep your loft hatch open a few inches to let the warm air into your loft where your water pipes are, his will help to keep your water from freezing

3. Keeping your heating turned on low when you are out or even when you’re away for a few days or longer will once again help to prevent water from freezing

4. Regular servicing on your boiler and radiators will help to ensure your boiler lasts for longer and will perform when you need it the most

5. Having a timer on your heating system will not only help you to save money not running your boiler at full temperature all the time, but will also give your house a little boost every now and again to keep pipes from getting too cold

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