Shower upgrades available:

Electric Shower

If you already have an electric shower that is faulty we will send an engineer out first to check electric voltage, pull cord and water pressure also to get a like for like shower, keeping cost and disruption to a minimum. A detailed quote will be sent out in post, if it’s a complete installation a full survey will be required, usually taking 30 minutes then we will give you the best option, an electric shower is a low-cost shower to run usually lasting 5-7 years and very reasonable to replace, a typical 8.5kw shower uses 3-4 litres of water per minutes.

Power Shower

This type of shower requires a pump, as long as this type of shower/pump is put in properly and to water regulations, it will be a fantastic showering system, a full survey will be required usually taking about 1 hour, to determine if size of cylinder and tank will accommodate this type of shower as they use a lot of water. Please note: Power showers can use up to 140 litres in an average shower, the average bath uses 80 litres and the energy used can be high, heating all that hot water.

Thermostatic shower

All our showers are thermostatic; they automatically maintain the chosen temperature, great for the elderly or the young stopping the general public from getting scalded.

Combination shower

This type of showering system works directly off the hot and cold of the combination boiler as long as you have good water pressure the shower will be fantastic.

Please note on all new installations they will be notified through building regulations.