The mornings and evenings are dark and cold, getting out of bed can be a struggle so the last thing you want is for your boiler to break down! Did you know? 1 in 5 boilers will break down this winter, so don’t let it be yours.

The cold weather can bring with it multiple potential plumbing problems like cold morning showers, frozen or cracked pipes, broken radiators, flooding and leaks.

There are a few things you can do to prevent or minimise the likelihood of these winter plumbing mishaps taking place in your home.

  • Be sure to run water from every valve in your house at regular intervals throughout the winter, as this will prevent freezing.
  • Use foam padding sleeves or special insulating tape to guard your pipes against freezing.
  • Be careful when cooking and pouring grease and oil down the drain as this can put a strain on your plumbing with the potential to cause a clog when your plumbing is colder.
  • Protect your outside water valves by turning off the valve that controls the tap for your garden hose as this will prevent water from entering the hose and freezing, causing the pipes to burst.

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