Whether you’re going to a festival, making the most of the English holiday resorts or are having a BBQ this summer, make sure that you stay safe safe while you’re having fun.

A camping or caravanning holiday can be a great experience for the whole family to connect with each other, so ensure that your trip runs smoothly and make sure you know how to stay safe on your trip.

Gas Safety Tips when using a BBQ/Gas Stove:

  • After you have finished using the stove, leave it outside as it may still give off dangerous fumes
  • Place your cooking area away as possible from your tent
  • Don’t use a BBQ that is in poor condition or broken
  • Don’t use a BBQ for heating purposes in a tent/caravan – Carbon monoxide gases can rise to fatal levels in a matter of minutes
  • A carbon monoxide detector may be useful in your home but are not designed for the conditions in a tent – rely on more than just a detector

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