Winter is almost over and Spring is just around the corner which is the perfect time to carry out plumbing checks that you’ve been putting off over winter.

By checking your bathroom, kitchen, and other appliances around the house, you could prevent plumbing problems arising and ruining the sunny days ahead. Here are some quick plumbing tips for you to consider as the weather starts to warm up.

  • Remove leaves and debris from your gutters to reduce the risk of clogs which can lead to water damage, leaks and mould growth
  • Replace any broken windows and door seals to allow your heating or air conditioning systems to run more efficiently as energy escape is reduced
  • Repair heating appliances that may have broken after being used heavily over winter as soon as possible, as waiting could place you and your family at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • Take a look at your toilet for any leaks as this will save water if they are fixed quickly
  • Make sure your taps and showerhead aren’t leaking to help protect the environment and get your home in good working order at the same time

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